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Ars Medica, Pain Clinic

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 Dr. Edoardo Arcuri


Edoardo Arcuri was Director and now Emeritus of the Dept of Intensive Care, Pain Therapy and Palliative Care, IRE, Rome, and Scientific Director of Palliative Care Centre, Hospice Fondazione Roma. Member of IASP, and Pain Therapy Committee of Italian Ministry of Health. He was recently Guest Editor of the Immunology Letters special issue entitled Immunology and Algology speak a common language. His clinical research interests concern tolerance and hyperalgesia in cancer pain, and supportive care for cancer patients. He is author of > 90 publications on international journals.


Breakthrough pain in cancer patients: Pathophysiology and treatment

Opioid-induced hyperalgesia after rapid titration with intravenous morphine: Switching and re-titration to intravenous methadone

Preliminary In Vivo Experimental Evidence on Intratumoral Morphine Uptake. Possible Clinical Implications in Cancer Pain and Opioid Responsiveness

Can tumors act as opioid traps, mimicking opioid tolerance?

The ambiguity of opioids revealed by immunology is changing the knowledge and the therapeutic approach in cancer and non-cancer pain: A narrative review